Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week 4 - Life Book

This week our lesson was by Mandy van Goeije. We learned how to create a storyboard using stick figures.

I found this to be a wonderful tool to  illustrate scripture in a quick and simple way.

This was actually a vision I had shortly before my own personal cyclone hit. Jesus was teaching me not to focus on my circumstances but on Him through His Word. It really helped me during a very trying time.

I love this verse in Hebrews. We just never know when we will come face to face with an angel.

This drawing illustrates the need to grow roots in Christ and become established in Him. (Col 2:7) How far down we sink our roots determines our stability during the storm.

I really enjoyed this quick and easy form of illustration and I will be incorporating it into my art practice.

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